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So beautiful. Like this could be a legit trailer for Kingdom Hearts .. *crying*

Incredible. Goosebumps. I advise people who don’t even play the series to watch this. It will make you want to.

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zutara or korrasami {asked by anonymous} 

tyzula or korrasami {asked by anonymous}

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based on [x]

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"You have no idea of what’s coming for you, Avatar."

#lmao #love 
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The Artwork of Kingdom Hearts

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three-way compromise

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The Legend





Fifty Shades of Korra 

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team avatar

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coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents


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"Not once in this century of terror has mankind risen above the Titans. Their every craven, bloodthirsty advance has left a wake of inestimable loss for us. Lives taken, territory abandoned. However, should we succeed, we’ll make history! Today is the day; lands taken by our greatest enemy will be reclaimed! For the first time, we will know what it means not to run, but to meet the Titans head-on and win! Now it may seem an insignificant lot of land compared to the vast tracts of former glory long abandoned. But as a symbol, as an idea, Trost’s regain shall stand as a reclamation of pride and hope beyond measure! A leap greater than we have ever taken!"

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Artist: Jónsi
Track: Where No One Goes
Album: HTTYD 2 soundtrack
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This song…

Love this song!!