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Working on my photoshop skills.

Fairies from Pixie Hollow.

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She’s so beautiful 

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Two fairies, born of the same laugh.

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Tink and Peri

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Long ago, when Pixie Hollow was very young, two fairies met and fell in love.  One of them was a winter fairy, and the other was from the warm seasons.  The two fairies were enchanted with each other, and every sunset, they met at the border where spring touches winter.  But as their love grew stronger, they wished to be together and share each other’s worlds.  So they disregarded the danger and crossed.  One of them broke a wing, for which there is no cure.  From that day forward, Queen Clarion decreed that fairies must never again cross the border, and I agreed that our two worlds should forever remain apart.

And the two fairies?  What happened to them?

They had to say goodbye.

Queen Clarion & Lord Milori explaining to Tinkerbell and Periwinkle about the reason why fairies from winter and other fairies from warmer seasons aren’t allowed to cross the border. (When, of course, they were the two fairies)

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I was supposed to be drawing a fairy tractor thing for class and ended up drawing fairy girlfriends instead this is a problem

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How to Have a Snowball Fight
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Fawn Meets Fawn

Cosplayer: Hythe (Sirene)
Photography by LJinto.

This is one of the most incredible cosplay experiences I’ve ever had - I’m so thankful Leonard was able to capture it!

This is SO CUTE

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Here comes the smolder! 

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