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"On your left."

Left side because that’s where your heart is and Asami will FOREVER be there and Korrasami just needs to happen already and be legit throughout the remaining chapter.

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Korrasami Week: Day Three- Carry Me

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I’m so pumped for season 4 please give me more of these two being perfect please please please (/ w \)

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Korrasami week day 3: Carry (me)

This crossover makes me really happy (even if I did a terrible job drawing it… how exactly does the Adventure Time style work? I am confuzzled.)

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The AVATAR STATE is a defense mechanism designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all the past Avatars. The glow is the combination of all your past lives, focusing their energy through your body. In the AVATAR STATE, you are at your most powerful, but you are also at your most vulnerable. If you are killed in the AVATAR STATE, the reincarnation cycle will be b r o k e n and the Avatar will cease to exist.

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god queen 

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I know she’ll be back stronger than never
and I need her to smile again, smile genuinely. I just need it

Book 4 ———-> October 3rd guys! whaa…?? omfg I’m so excited, I can’t even…

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Korra Doodles

Despite being an avid fan of long hairstyles,I love Korra’s new look. And yes,there’s  a Rock Lee and New Girl reference.

Hope you like these!

Korra © Nickelodeon

Art © Me

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【Shingeki no Kyojin】
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